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  1. Send Away Stranger - “Still Figures”

    If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may remember when I posted Send Away Stranger’s EP, “Cool Wild Whatever”, at the end of last year. It was easily one of my favorite releases of the year and is still something I constantly listen to. They have a new split coming out with Foxing (ex-members of Family Might) on Carucage Records this fall. I am lucky enough to have the songs and it fucking rules. So I submit to you all, an exclusive stream of the first song on the Send Away Stranger side. They have members of Wavelets and Quiet Clouds, which can already give you an idea of how they sound if you haven’t heard them. Easily one of the best emo bands around right now and are not getting nearly enough attention as they deserve. Check them out, as well as Foxing! The awesome art was done by Joshua Mikel.

    Send Away Stranger
    Carucage Records

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      my neighbors/lovers doing big thangz, cuh. get wit it. cool wit it. ayeee!
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      Fucking awesome!
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      So stoked on how this recording came out, might be one of my favorite recordings I’ve done. both Send Away songs rule!...
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      favey tally band~*~*
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      Sendaway Stranger’s awesome new song “Still Figures” from their upcoming split with Foxing.
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      Music by some cool guys I know with art by another cool guy I know.
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